Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hotcakes, hot off the press

I have been without my computer for a couple of weeks, it got a nasty virus that wiped everything. Not to worry, it's all fixed now. It's now school holidays and I was hoping to do lots of fun things with the kids, ya know, to make for some interesting blog posts. Well somebody out there had other ideas. We spent the first week catching up with people, and had big plans for adventures for the 2nd week. Well, we got sick didn't we! From Friday till today I still feel like absolute s***. A nasty cold, it's ripped right through the family. Ruined all our plans.

Today I am feeling half human though, I can actually move from the couch for more than a minute at a time. Mr6 asked for hotcakes for lunch. Normally I might make crepes or pikelets... hotcakes aren't really common around here, except for at McDonalds lol. So I googled for recipes - I needed one I could make dairy (or at least lactose) free. Which brings me to a product plug...

Anchor Zero Lacto. Its still got dairy protein in it, so not good for dairy allergy people, but for people who are lactose intolerant like most of my family, its perfect. And it's the same price as rice milk. I only buy it for cooking with though, as its easier to buy rice milk to keep in the pantry till needed. It is as close to milk taste as you can get for a lactose free product - its not sweet or anything like rice or soy milk so it doesn't taint flavours. Drinking it straight however, it tastes a little like sour milk lol. It gets a thumbs up from me.

Anyways, back to the hotcakes. I found this recipe here. And I made it using the Anchor zero lacto milk, with a tablespoon of vinegar per cup to make it lactose free buttermilk. (Previously I have made buttermilk the same way with rice milk, but its just not really the same is it? lol).

And the result? Beautiful, light, fluffy hotcakes, tasting and looking much the same as the ones from Maccas! Shown here smothered in maple syrup - yummy!

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