Monday, 9 July 2012

Are you tough enough?

Apparently I am haha! Yesterday hubby and I did the Tough Guy n Gal Challenge - a very very muddy mud run out at Woodhill in Auckland. It was SO. MUCH. FUN! Seriously, I cannot wait until next year's one! It's not often you get to run around in muddy swamps. I even got stuck in one mud pit haha, DH was right behind me so he couldn't help, luckily I was able to get the attention of somebody to the side to help pull me out haha, was such a weird feeling plodding along and then suddenly you can't move! Crack up.

I mean, how much fun does that look? That's me in the red top, this is towards the end of the race (6km). Actually, that guy in the army cap is the one who hauled me out of the mudpit I was stuck in, thanks mate!

Anyways, that was my first running event (though it was less running, more scrambling!!). Don't know our official time yet, can't wait to find out - then we are going to try to beat it next year. Have also convinced my Dad and stepmum to do it next year too, so the aim next year is to also beat them haha, can't have the oldies (who are admittedly quite fit) beating us!

Next up? 10km run in October. Better get training, so far 5km straight running is about my limit, so 10km is pushing it haha! A 10km run has been on my 101 Challenges list, so that will get crossed off once and for all!

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