Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

Well, another challenge crossed off my list anyway... I may just have Queen on the mind after a fun singstar night doing Queen songs last night!

13. Cut flowers, weeds, tree branches whatever is there and arrange them in a vase creatively.

Here they are

A florist I am not, and those were literally ALL the flowers from my garden haha, I think I left maybe 2 of the purple ones, took all the red ones.... Not many flowers survive in my garden! If you can call it a garden...

And to update on other parts of the list:

3. Join the gym - and go at LEAST 2x a week - joined 14-2-12 - Ok, only been 2 weeks but so far have been going 4x a week, and I'm loving it (actually, I only went 3x last week as I couldn't get to my usual Wednesday night Zumba class there as we went to see the Roger Waters concert).

11. Collect all my family and friends birthdays, put them into my calendar and send them all birthday cards by post - collected 10-2-12, yet to send any - well, the first birthday is tomorrow. My Step-bro. Um, I haven't been organised enough to get a card out in the post to him, oops, sorry! The next birthday is on Friday.... We shall see how I go :)

32. Do a triathlon - Have decided to just do a run instead. The aim at the moment is 10km towards the end of the year, around October-ish. My friend from is going to do it with me :) I can't run to save myself, so it will be interesting. I can manage 10 minutes on the treadmill, which is only about 2km lol. And I don't think I could run 10 minutes on land, it's a lot harder. So I have a long way to go!

I have completed 9/101 so far. Not a bad effort for only about 2 weeks into it.

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