Monday, 13 February 2012

It's been one of THOSE days

Ya know the one. Today I had lots of plans - to join the gym finally, to shampoo the carpets, and to get stuck into some crafty stuff.
Instead, I spent half the morning at the police station filing a report, then the other half of the morning and most of the afternoon on the phone to insurance etc sorting out our claim. On Saturday overnight some mongrels tried to steal one of our cars, leaving us with a smashed window and the ignition ripped out. Tow truck has taken it away now, hopefully it gets sorted soon.

But in between sorting all this with the insurance company, I dropped my cellphone in the bloody toilet. Have a good laugh, because I am - if I don't laugh I would cry. REEEAAAALLLY not what I needed today!

I have decided to ignore most of the housework today (I won't be thanking myself later but never mind), and in the few minutes spare, I actually tackled one of the craft projects I have been meaning to do for quite some time. It actually ticks a couple of things off my 101 Challenges list too -
44. Do at least one craft project a month
81. Create another piece of wall art
98. Make 5 things off my Pinterest crafts board

Ok, so #44 and #98 are more ongoing, but hey, I created a piece of wall art. Incidentally, I also get to cross #73 off my list - I updated the insurance on our other car, something I have been meaning to do for far far far too long. But hey, I was on the phone to them anyway haha!

73. Take care of a nagging life admin item (a trip to the post office, filing an insurance claim, making a doctor’s appointment).

But anyways, onto more fun things - What Did I Create Today?

It was so quick and so easy! Oh and cheap! I made this

Out of toilet paper rolls! Oh and guess what? I'm hanging it outside the toilet door, hehehe, I find it a li'l amusing. I think it looks kinda cool though, don't you?

Got the idea off Pinterest, there are several gazillion pinterest posts for toilet paper craft. Just cut up toilet rolls (I used the Kiwi Soft branded toilet paper, the toilet paper isn't glued to the roll, so perfect for reusing!), approx 3/4" thick, paint as desired (I painted the outside red and left the inside white which looks kinda cool), and then when it's all dry, using a hot glue gun just glue together in the design you like. I quite like the 5 petalled flower look, so glued all the flowers together, then arranged them in a way that I thought looked nice, then glued them all together. Then I just hung it over a picture hook nail in the wall.
My one smiling point for the day :)


  1. OMG Kate, That looks AMAZING. I am going to steal your ideas when we have built our house.

  2. That looks amazing!! I'm gonna steal this! :)

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