Friday, 18 May 2012

Kicked my butt into gear

So, how am I going with my old routines for keeping my house (as per this blog post here)? Well, pretty good actually! I'm forced on my work days to get the house sorted asap which then makes every other thing so much easier. And because I am seeing it be so much easier on those days, it is motivating me to get my arse into gear every other morning too. I do get a bit slack with finishing my before bed routine - making sure the house is spic n span before I go to bed, but that will come with time.

And do you know what I did this afternoon? I actually tackled a craft project, something off my Pinterest craft board. Another couple of crosses off my 101 Challenges list.

It was a quick and easy one, looks kinda cool. Though not as cool as theirs. I think I need more practice. Though I don't have any more tops to cut up haha! I also used a women's size NZ 8 singlet, so its quite short. If I were to make another, I would go for a larger sized top - mine is more of a neck hugger than the one on the link provided.

Here is the link to the instructions

Would I wear it? Dunno haha, time will tell! I think it would look cool with my black roll neck merino top, so have to wait till it's cold enough to get into wearing that and see if I like it. Will I be brave enough to post a pic of it on? That we shall have to wait and see!!

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