Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I bought me a plant

So on my 101 Challenges, one of them was to buy a new potplant, and keep it alive. You see, I kill all my plants. Mostly from nelgect. So I bought a plant that I find beautiful, that I really do not want to die.

Pretty isn't it?

It sits in my kitchen, in a nice sunny spot. Apparently I have to turn it a quarter turn every day so they grow straight, and not towards the light. Yeah, good luck with me remembering but I shall try! They bring me joy when I walk into my kitchen, and let's face it, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. They sit in the spot that I tend to reserve for vases of flowers from hubby. But as the years go on, I am starting to realise that that spot is empty for longer and longer. Hehe. Not to worry, my tulips are there to bring me smiles!

And that's another off the list. I should look into getting some of the really easy ones checked off soon! Though it's time that I'm lacking at the moment, and most take time. Or thinking power, and I'm not sure my tired brain is up for much of that at the moment!

And for a few linkies, tonight for dinner we had Crustless Quiche along with my "a-typical roast". Yummy. Yesterday I made Spaghetti Pinwheel Scones for the kids lunchboxes.

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  1. curious - is it still alive? I'm really good at neglecting house plants so gerberas are my thing - you can kill them and they come alive again!

    1. rofl, no, very very dead hahaha. apparently that's what happens though, with bulbs. you can take the bulb out and replant later, but err yeah im not that good.