Friday, 29 June 2012

Paper fun!

I have a thing for paper. Paper, cardboard etc. It's cheap. Or free. I pull it out of the recycling to use! And we all know I am cheap haha.

Anyways, today we had fun with an old newspaper. I got the idea off Pinterest, from a blog called Inner Child Fun. They did it better than me - they rolled the paper rods, then used a hole punch and pipecleaners to secure, making them reusable. Unfortunately this was a last minute "what shall we do for the next hour?" decision to play with paper rods, and I didn't have any pipecleaners in the house. It is however on my shopping list, I do intend to do this activity again, and the pipecleaners would just make it that much cooler. Instead, we just sellotaped the rods together (don't even have a stapler haha!). It worked fine, just means the rods arent reusable.

Anyways, this activity was a bit above the 1 and 2yo's level, don't have any 3yo's in my house at the moment, but the 4yo thought this was the coolest thing ever. He absolutely loved it and kept gushing about how awesome this was lol. And if Mr7 was home I would dare say he would have enjoyed it too - I might have to do it again over the school holidays.

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