Monday, 19 November 2012

Exploring Different Tools

The kids have been right into painting lately. We get a bit bored of the same old paint and paintbrush thing, so we mix it up a bit. Sometimes we paint using water instead! The kids love that, they get to take the paintbrushes, the paint rollers, whatever really, and some water outside and let them go for it. They can "paint" anything they like with water, lately they have decided to paint the deck and railings for me as they need repainting haha. Sometimes we do pictures on the driveway. Good clean fun that keeps the littlies entertained for quite some time, and even the big kids quite like to see how big a picture they can draw before the sun erases it!

Thanks kids, I'm sure the water painted gate will do the trick.... hehe!

Or if we want to get a bit mucky, we get the actual paints out, but may use different tools to the usual paintbrushes. One we did recently was painting using cotton buds. Originally I had hoped they would be keen on finger painting. My own 2yo was very keen on the idea, he gives everything a go. But the other 2 I had with me that day were a bit more hesitant. I had no idea where the paintbrushes had last been stashed after the last bout of water painting (I dare say they are outside still! My big kids had a big water painting session after school one day and I often forget to remind them to put stuff away that they have taken outside). That made me have to be a bit more imaginative than I might have been feeling that day. But suddenly though about cotton buds. Pretty standard item in most peoples houses, and they make for pretty cool painting instruments.

Can create different effects to what you do with paint brushes, can make the paint swirl more etc. I also took the opportunity to shows the kids how mixing 2 colours together you can create a different one. Throw in a learning opportunity when ya can! And got some pretty pictures at the end of the day :)

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