Sunday, 18 March 2012

Going Green

Oops this is now a day late... wrote this yesterday, then forgot to actually publish it! Silly me! But anyways.....

Happy St Patrick's day! Got anything fun planned? Nah, me neither. Hubby is off out to drink Guinness all evening with various other men-folk from his side of the family, so I decided to try to get into the St Paddy's Day spirit and do some baking.

On Thursday night insomnia kicked my arse. I tried to bake yesterday but OMG, nothing went right for me. But after a better nights sleep last night, I thought I could get in the kitchen again... but wanted to take it easy!

So what was easy to bake, but could put a St Pat's spin on it? Vanilla cupcakes is what! A bit of green food colouring to both the batter and the icing, fashion a shamrock out of 100s and 1000s for on top, and voila, bobs your uncle, you have St Patrick's Day cupcakes! (Would have been much cooler to make booze filled cupcakes, ya know, to keep within the SPIRIT of the day haha, but that's not so kid friendly!)

So bake my vanilla cake recipe as found in this link here but add some green food colouring to the mix. Ah, green cupcakes. Perfect.

Then I guess it's time to ice them. By this time I had had another kitchen disaster. I managed to knock the container of wholemeal flour out of the pantry (high cupboard), and a big flour bomb exploded all over my kitchen. So you can imagine, my patience was wearing very thin. So I will not give you a yummy icing recipe, because I didn't use one. I just bunged icing sugar, a knob of marg, a few drops of vanilla, a splash of rice milk and a dash of water to a bowl, with some more green food colouring, and there we go, a nice basic and very green icing, to go with the theme of the day.

As for the Shamrock out of 100's and 1000's? Well, I drew a shamrock shape on a piece of card, held that over the cupcake and sprinkled it with the 100s and 1000s, I did one... it sort of turned out....

But the effort required? Nup, wasn't up for it, and plus I was nearly out of 100s and 1000s. So this is what the rest ended up looking like lol

A gourmet baker I am not!

But I think I earned myself a drink or 2 tonight!

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