Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Jane of all trades

How are you liking my new look blog? Pretty cool huh? I mean, how talented am I? Ok, not really, it's still very basic lol, but it's an improvement anyway. With zero prior knowledge I managed to fudge my way through making the banner, quite proud of the result.

But you see, I am a real Jack of all trades..... master of none. I dabble in everything. I give everything a go. It's something I do like about myself - I will give anything a try once (however, some things - like bungy jumping - I will never try again!). But the downside? I don't have a real passion or skill for anything in particular.

For many many many years from when I was about 10 I wanted to be a photographer. Right up until I was 15, doing School C art killed the passion. Or, the teacher did, rather. He was the 6th form photography teacher. We didn't see eye to eye. Put me off. And after that? I just didn't care for it anymore. I sometimes think maybe that was my true calling, being that's the only thing I had a passion for for the longest period of time in my whole life. But I think about being a photographer now and I just like "yeah.... nah". So, nope, that's not me (ha, and look at my photos on here, I don't have natural talent there either!).

And then my next passion was travel! Oh how I wanted to travel the world, and was going to get into tourism so I could work and travel. But then I became a Mum before any of this happened, and now while I would love to travel, its not something that I can do while my kids are little. Hubby and I will go on our OE in approx 18 years time... hehe.

The next thing is baking. Obviously, I love to bake. I'm a half decent baker. But do I love it enough to do it for a living? Nup. Also, my stuff is all very basic stuff - no gourmet baking here. Nothing turns out overly pretty. Tastes good, but not absolutely amazing. No better than anyone else there.

I enjoy doing crafty stuff. However I am not skilled at any particular craft nor do I enjoy any particular craft enough to actually care to make things to sell. Fun hobby, but that's about it.

So that leaves me with being a wife and mother. I think I do both those things pretty well (well, since having mr2 he has certainly tested my parenting ability more than the other 2 did, but I'm slowly clawing back control). Pity it doesn't pay huh? Oh and don't suggest childcare either, been there, done that, loved it at the time and did it well, but it's not something I want to do forever.

Anybody else out there a dabbler in everything and still have no idea what you want to do when you grow up?

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