Thursday, 26 April 2012

Herman Update

Well Herman is doing well. Today I added his next lot of ingredients, and split the mixture. I have only given 2 away as the 3rd friend I was going to inflict him on bless with him wasn't able to make it to coffee group today. But that's ok, I might just do 2 different flavoured cakes for my family instead (here's hoping he isn't hideously disgusting lol!). So the extra one can be a double chocolate Herman or something.

This is what he looked like before I added the 3rd lot of ingredients in this morning:

Check out all those bubbles! So he seems to be thriving after I thought I had killed him before I even started when he took so long to start bubbling lol. So tomorrow I bake him and his buddy (no his buddy is not going to be kept and fed and split lol!). I also have the honour of baking a birthday cake for my friend's twins 3rd birthday. The request is for a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake. Watch this space to see how it comes out :)

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