Friday, 27 April 2012

My German Friend, the final chapter

So yesterday I passed on 2 of my sour dough starters to a couple of friends and I had one other friend request my last one, so I took that to her today. It's become a big joke amongst us all now, about our bubbling friend on the bench going to grow into a big strapping 6 foot German man. The 3 of us who are married, our husbands are just confused as to what the whole thing is - mine was grossed out about the idea of something sitting on the bench for over a week and not in the fridge haha. I am so glad I have my friends though - I thought they would just roll their eyes at me and biff their starters in the bin. But nope, I'm getting updates about how they are bubbling away on their benches etc and that they can't wait for him to grow hehe.

Anyways, today was the day I cooked Herman. I will be honest, I was sceptical about how he would taste (that sounds really dirty after humanising him!) after I had heard he is really quite foul. But never mind, had to see for myself!

I made him as per the traditional recipe, with apples and cinnamon, just minus the raisins. Here he is ready to go into the oven

And then just out of the oven:

And finally after cutting off pieces for the whole family to try:

Ya know what? He tasted pretty damned good! Quite moist. And I love a good Apple Cake. Even hubby agreed it was pretty good. The kids would eat anything, so their opinions don't really count for much but they all hoovered their piece down. So if any of my friends pass me another Herman, while I won't bother feeding him and splitting him and passing more on, I will most certainly cook him up into another cake! So guys, if you are reading this, I wouldn't mind another - double choc Herman is on the list!

For reference, here is the link to my original blog post which contains the recipe for the starter and the instructions on keeping Herman alive and when to bake him!  My Friend Herman

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